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Barfing on Lizz

Hi Lulu!
Guess what you did Thursday night while Lizz (a senior nursing student at USF) was over at our place to babysit you while I took Dada out for a bithday dinner?  Well, before Lizz arrived, I fed you a nice dinner of lots of salmon and some other things.  You sure ate a lot!  When Lizz arrived a little while later, I gave you your bottle in hopes you'd go to bed shortly after.  Well, she was rocking you in your room and all of a sudden, you barfed all over her lap.  Then, she rushed you to the bathroom and you barfed a lot in the toilet.  I guess a big dinner of salmon and a big bottle don't mix!!!!!!  Your nighties, our bathroom and Lizz sure stunk when we got home!  Thank goodness Lizz, being a nursing student, was used to gross things like that and wasn't too mad at you!  If you barfed on me Lulu, I'm sure I would have barfed back on you!
Luv Mama!

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