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Teacher's Pet

I have to share a few really cute Lulu things --
1.  Whenever she is finished with a sippy cup or a plate of food, she walks over to the kitchen sink and puts it in.
2.  I was walking her (Lulu was walking) and Babar in the neighborhood, and she puts her hand out for me to hold and I take it, then she's putting her other hand out - I was confused about which hand she wanted me to hold.  Then, I realized what she wanted.  She wanted to hold Babar's leash.
3.  She walks around the house pulling a little frog toy on wheels (a gift from crazy auntie katie and uncle jason) and then she ties its leash up to a chair in the dining room, obviously imitating what I do with Babar when we go into a store.
You're funny, Lulu!

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