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Dear Santa...

Hi Santa,

I've been a very very very good little girl this year. I'm very polite and say "Hi" and "Bye" to everybody. I sleep long hours and on weekends, let my parents sleep until 9am. I throw trash away. I answer the phone for Mamma. I never waste food. If I don't feel like eating it, I throw it on the floor for Babar who is always at my side when I'm in my high chair. I clean my table, my hands and my face after I eat. I put my used dishes and cups in the sink. Just yesterday, I spent some time vacuuming with the dust buster. I flush the toilet when there is "Icky Poo Poos" and commiserate with my mamma when she has to pick up Babar's "Icky Poo Poos".

The only thing that I do that Mamma says is "BAD BAD" is when I write on the walls and on my legs and hands with pen. I know it's very bad, so whenever I do it, I point it out to Mamma and say "BAD BAD" like she does. She seems to forgive me after I do that and I can usually get away with doing it again when I feel like it.

So Santa, here's my list...

1) Kitchen Set and Acessories

2) Clothes sized 2T (especially long sleeved shirts and anything from my favorite stores Old Navy, Gap, Jacadi and Janie and Jack) and shoes but I'm not quite sure of my shoe size...I think it's size 6-7 but I'm not really sure.

3) A new doll and some doll clothes (but no stuffed animals because Babar will steal them)

4) Purses filled with trinkets

5) Ugg Boots

6) Cool jeans Sz 18-24 mos or 2T

7) A Vacuum Cleaner from Pottery Barn Kids (the silver one)

And Santa, if you want to make a donation on my behalf, I really like Heifer International (I like donating goats to India) and the Greyhound Adoption Center.

Santa! Lu-Loo"! (Translation - I love you!)

xo Lucia Ursula Krim, also called Lulu!

Do I look NAUGHTY or NICE???????

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