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Lulu & Babar

Lulu is so cute with Babar these days.  When it's time for Babar to eat, his routine is to lie down until we say "Come".  So, Lulu has taken over this responsibility.  When the food is dished out, she runs into the kitchen and says, in her loudest voice, "Cuh".  And to her delight, Babar runs in and heads straight to his food.  She always squeals with excitement - it's so cute!  Also, yesterday in the rain, I wanted Babar to go out in the backyard to pee, so I was calling for him from the back of the house...I look up and see Lulu and Babar walking side by side down the long aisle of our house and Lulu is pulling (or leading, I guess) Babar by his collar, just like a horse.  It was hilarious!

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