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After an all-nighter of travel, we made it safely to Bangalore (newly named Bengaluru, which we've changed to Benga-Lulu!).  Lulu is a GREAT little traveler!  It was definitely a bit of culture shock coming from super organized and immaculate Hong Kong but we're very happy to be here!  Lulu loves seeing and talking about the "autos" (rickshaws) - she rode in one last night to dinner at Tandoori House and loved it.  She also loves Indian food and no matter how spicy the meat is, she can't resist and eats it, then howls for "wah-wah".  The above photos were taken at the Hong Kong Airport.

Also -- Lulu is obsessed with the song "Animal Crackers in My Soup" by Shirley Temple...she wakes up singing it - it's so cute. 

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