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The Leela

We had a great brunch at The Leela ("The Peninsula" of Bangalore) - Lulu played on a couch with "piyoys", dragged her sherpa around the grounds and took a few paparazzi shots.  Cheese!

A few other random quirks of Lulu's worth mentioning --
1) She is terrified of men wearing large hats, such as a chefs hat.  She gets really scared, hides and calls for "Dada"
2)  She has totally bonded with her Daddy this trip...last night when I was already in bed, I asked Kevin to hand me my watch.  He threw it to me and it hit me in the face because I had already taken my contacts out and couldn't see.  So, I hit Kevin in the arm two times (yes, I'm really mature) and Lulu started crying totally hysterically.  I had to apologize to both of them.

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