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Lulu is becoming a really crazy and hilarious character these days.  Last night, Tet-Tet was over for dinner which made her really really happy - she was really showing off and demanding attention.  Her favorite thing to do these days, which started when Lovey and Poppy were visiting, is when she does something good (or anything at all), she wants everybody to clap for, if you don't clap, she'll bark your name until you clap for her.  She was also singing "Animal Crackers in my Soup" (a Shirley Temple tune, which ends with Shirley getting in trouble by the adults and saying in a very cute, dramatic way "Oh my goodness") - she can only sing/repeat about 5 words of the song, which she was doing, then suddenly her facial expression totally changed to a very sad face and she said "ohhh noooo", just like Shirley.

Her language is also exploding, in her own little Lulu way - it's hilarious!  Kevin was talking about a Daddy-Long-Legs in the bathtub and Lulu says "Lulu see, Lulu see" (she's strangely drawn to these spiders!).  I just can't get enough of her these days!

She also spent over an hour giving her doll Sister (prounounced Sis-Sis) a bath in a new doll baththub from Lovey and Poppy for her birthday!  When I was in the kitchen, I heard her grunting and asked if she was ok and she told me that Sister was going poo-poo (on a little toilet included in the bathtub set)!  Only Lulu!

And the other day, Lovey and Poppy took her to "the toy store" and she literally looked at everything before she picked out some Thomas the Tank trains.  She would pick everything up, study it, then put it back.  She's such a city girl and is still obsessed with transportation!

By the way, yes, I'm really wide awake at 3am and eating Eggo waffles...the joys of pregnancies first trimester!  Good Night!

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