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Moms, Don't Leave Home Without It!!!!!

We spent Saturday and Sunday up in Tahoe with lots of friends and babies.  Saturday night, Lulu came down with a high fever.  I didn't bring any tylenol, something I usually don't leave the house without.  Lately, Lulu has been digging the tylenol bottles out of my purses and sucking on the bottles.  When I see her do this, I take the bottle away and hide it -- so all my usual go-to bottles were gone.  I was pretty freaked out when she was extremely hot, dreamly very vividly, hallucinating and talking in her sleep like a crazy girl!  Here are some of our conversations throughout the night, while lying next to her, until we both fell asleep at around 5:30am.

Lulu (asleep):  Mommy, Mommy, dirty, dirty.
Me (wishing I were asleep):  Oh ok Lulu.

Lulu: Mommy, Mommy, Babar poo-poo'ed, pick up Babar poo poo, Babar pee-pee'ed
Me: Ok Lulu, I just picked up Babar's poo poo

Lulu:  Sallie poo-poo'ed
Me:  Yes, you're right, Sallie poo-poo'ed

Lulu:  Cheeeeeese...Cheeeeeeese...Cheeeeeeese

Lulu:  Dada, one shoe on, put one shoe on, running, running, running
Me:  Yes Lulu, Dada is going running.  He put his shoes on.

Lulu:  Monster Trucks, Monster Trucks.
Me: Yeh, there are lots of monster trucks.

Lulu:  Airplane, Airplane (pointing to the ceiling)
Me:  Yeh, I think Meow-Meow's on that airplane.

Lulu:  Dicka, Ricka, Dicka, Ricka  (her favorite stories - see here)
Me:  proceed to tell her yet another Flicka, Ricka, Dicka story

Here is the first sign that Lulu is not feeling well.  She was turning green on a boat ride.

Tahoe Crew from left:  Charlie & Will, Stacey & Owen, JJ, Alyson, Grant, Sarah & Sallie, Marina & Lulu, Kevin, Payton

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