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Mommy Mistakes

Once again, I've made another mommy mistake - this one, on 4th of July. I applied sunblock all over Lulu's body before a long long beach day. About 1/2 hour later, her eyes were swollen, red and tearing, her nose was running and she looked terrible. I made the mistake of putting sunblock (tear-free sunblock, CRAP!) on her hands, and when she wiped her face, she got the sunblock badly in her eyes. I gave her some tylenol, washed out her eyes, I brought her down to the beach, she took a quick nap in her stroller and when she woke up, she sat in her stroller for another 2 hours, looking pretty pitiful, sucking on a Mickey lollipop (my saviors these days!). After about 3 hours, the swelling went away and she was ready to play at the beach...until 7:30pm!
Here is Lulu later in the day, playing with her friend Kyle.  They are not actually playing together, but it looks like it!  :-)  And here is a link to some photos of their first date when they were 6 mos. old!



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