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Guess my due date!

The due date of Little Miss is May 17th. Does anybody actually come out on their true due date (except for Little Miss Lucia's goody goody daddy Kevin)? Here are our guesses for the due date...

My Lamb: 5/5 pm
Katie: 5/7 pm
Bob: 5/8 am
Marina: 5/9 am
Teddy: 5/10pm
Grandma & Beabea: 5/11 am
Doddles: 5/11 pm
Ba: 5/12 pm
Phil: 5/12 pm
Pete: 5/14 am
Sarah: 5/14 pm
Kevin: 5/17 am
Jim: 5/17 pm
Jason: 5/19 am
Bill: 5/19 pm
Karen: 5/20 am

Note: Info gathered (by lazy susan spinner) over dim sum at VIP Harbor Seafood in Los Angeles on Easter 2006.

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