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Oh Baby!

Baby decided to be really uncooperative during our ultrasound, so we still don't know the sex....the ultrasound technician "thought" it was a girl and the Dr. wouldn't give us anything.  The baby''s legs were crossed and it wouldn't move.  I am so tired of calling this baby by the name of "it", so I'm already dying of excitement for our next ultrasound the day we return from NYC on August 7 at 3:15pm.  Lulu and I think it's a girl and by its behavior during the ultrasound, it's sounding like a girl to me!  And the baby is looking good and healthy!

"I'm cute, huh"!

Anyway, Lulu is cracking me up these days.  On our drive to our appointment, while waiting for the stop light to change, Lulu was shouting once the light turned green, "Go Freakin' Ladies, Go Freakin' Cars, Go Freakin' Monster Trucks".  Opps, Guilty, we're in a hurry a lot!  She also has very good manners...leaving the ultrasound, she said to the woman at the desk "Thank You Lady".  And when we were driving on Embarcadero, there was a pirate ship in the bay which I pointed out to her and she started singing "Yo-Ho-Yo-Ho" from Disneyland.  Smart girl, well, she also still does not know her colors.  Her brain is developing in the oddest ways!!!!!

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