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Lulu and The Baby

I just had to make a post about Lulu's excitement about the new baby.  She is such an old soul and sometimes, I can't believe she acts the way she does about this abstract idea of having a sibling.  She did something tonight at bedtime that was so precious I just wanted to squeeze her.  When she was doing her nightly "goodnight" ritual with Dada where they say goodnight to friends and family etc, she said goodnight to Mama and Dada mentioned Mama's baby and then, she started making this soft, gentle "pu-pu-pu-pu-pu" sound with her lips - the heartbeat of the baby.  She loves this sound and gets so giddy when she hears it.  It was darling.

Other sweet things she does is whenever she catches me without a shirt on, she runs over and tickles my belly, saying "diddle, diddle, diddle" (the tickle noise) or kisses it or says "Hi Baby".  She believes that Santa is bringing us a baby.  She found a pacifier the other day and placed it into the baby crib.  She thinks (or likes to pretend) that she has a baby in her stomach that she says is either "pooping" or "kicking".  She's happy to show "her baby" to anybody who asks.  She practices changing diapers on her doll Amy, sometimes like 10 times in a day.  She knows what to do when the baby cries - it either has "poo poo" (her favorite) or we need to say "shhhhhh".  I just know she is going to be the best big sister.

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