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Our Last Day in the City

Wow, we've had such a fun time in NYC.  City moms are REALLY nice!  That's how we found the merry-go-round and this great carnival (that we spent several hours at - "Mono time, Mono time", she said on her favorite rides) in Central Park (it happens mid-May through Sept.).  Our trip would not be complete without a trip to FAO Schwarz.  We stayed a long time, Lulu running around the store like a madwoman, and she still left in tears....she is a real HANDFUL these days and has very little interest in listening to Mama.  (However, she did sit through a 3-hour dinner tonight at Gramercy Tavern!!!!!).  And, when something bugs me, she likes to do it more and, when she doesn't want to ride in the stroller, she'll drag her feet on the wheels and lean forward, so it's annoying for me to push.  She also rarely likes to be held and will not hold my hand anymore.

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