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Lulu, My Parrot

Tonight, Kev and I were eating our steak dinner and Lulu was finished with her dinner but hanging in her high chair while we ate, and she was begging for steak.  She'd say, "Dada, steak Dada.  Steak, Dada.  My baby's hungry.  My baby's hungry"!  So, Kev would give her a small piece of steak, she'd quickly eat it and then once again, "Mono steak, Dada.  Mono steak, Dada.  My baby's hungry, my baby's hungry Dada"!!!!!  She's referring to the "baby" growing in her stomach and it's a line I sometime use.

Another thing that is so "Lulu" -- We've always said that when Lulu starts school, she will be a teachers pet.  Here's another reason why I think this....Lulu is never crazy about the words, "Lulu, it's nap time", now when I say it and she gives me a dirty look or whines, I tell her that I'm setting the kitchen timer for 5 minutes and when it rings, we have to go up for nap time.  So, sure enough, 5 minutes later, the second Lulu hears the ring of the timer, she runs in and says "Upstairs time, nap time" and we head up and all is well!

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