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Ikea with Lulu

Don't plan on running in and out of Ikea with a toddler....I'd say, "Ok, Lulu, I'm ready to go" and she'd reply, "I'm not ready to go, Mama".  Then, she'd pick things up, play with it (even though it's not a toy) and say, "Buy this Mama".  Over and over and over again!!!!!

She cracks me up in so many ways these days - she has really taken to "my" vocabulary.  Instead of asking for a kleenex, she asks for a "booger napkin".  And she was very disappointed this morning when we drove off and she hadn't done her makeup.  Oh, and she complains about everything these days - she's too hot, too cold, she has to rest, too tired, so hungry.  I'm so delirious right now (because I hardly sleep at night, I'm so excited for the new baby), so I have to write all this stuff down or I'll forget to tell Kevin.  

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