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Park Politics

I had my first face-off at the park today.  Lulu had a collision with a big girl.  She was at least 8 years old.  Lulu went flying and was crying hysterically and the big girl ran away and didn't even apologize.  So, I asked her to come over to my crying Lulu to apologize, like any normal person (kid or adult) should when you knock the crap out of somebody much smaller than you.....right????  Well, 5 minutes later, her (ugly) mother approached me and told me that I should "never speak to her child or tell her what to do".  I'm like, "I just asked her to apologize".  She's like, "She said that she did".  I'm like, "Well, I did not hear her".  Then she said, "I don't want you ever speaking to my child".  I'm like, "Any adult would have apologized, right?  I just asked her to apologize to my 2 year old".

I have a feeling this isn't going to be my last fight at the park with another parent....!  I'm trying to raise Lulu to have manners and I would actually be completely fine with somebody telling Lulu to apologize to a kid much smaller than her if she accidently hurt her/him in any way.  Apparently this woman wasn't with her precious girl (she was old enough that she's not even considered a "child"), who was old enough to know better.

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