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Ugly Lulu Photos

It's getting really difficult to take a cute photo of Lulu these days...I can't seem to get any. She ALWAYS makes really ugly faces for the camera. She's also been sick and covered in boogers. Anyway, I did want to mention though that she's become a total little rascal these, she won't go to bed at night (and will totally delay the bedtime process, asking Kevin a million questions etc), she won't eat the foods that she used to like (and when I asked her today to eat her tuna, she told me, "I'm going to spit it out", before she even took a bite), when she's done with something, she throws it at me/kevin/whoever, etc etc. On the other hand, she knows when she's been bad and she'll immediately apologize (except to Dada sometimes!).

Yesterday, we were riding a packed Muni train (SF public transportation). We were standing up and she was holding a large gumball she got at the gumball machine at Macy's. When the train was moving, of course she dropped the gumball. Amazingly I was able to put my foot on it to stop it from rolling to the other side of the train. Next thing I know, my foot had squished it. When I bent down to pick it up and Lulu noticed what had happened, she burst into hysterical tears...on a packed train. This little girl is very passionate about her gumballs! All I could do was apologize to Lulu while cracking up at the same time. When she tells the story, she likes to skip the part where she drops it and goes right into the part where I squished it. Thanks, Lulu!


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