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The Bad Luck Babysitter

Today, I had scheduled  for a babysitter, recommended by Daisy's mom, Sarah, for Lulu while I toured a preschool.  However, last night (and about half of the day today), Lulu had some disgusting stomach virus and so I had to cancel on her at 8:00 this morning (I know I woke her up - opps).  This is the second consecutive time I've canceled on this poor girl.  About 3 weeks ago, she was all set to come and watch Lulu for a long evening out and the night before, Lulu got Croup (doggy cough) and I canceled.  I haven't even met this girl and I'm non-stop ruining her day/night plans!!!!  This time, we offered to pay her $20 out of guilt.  With Lulu's history of getting just about every illness under the sun, she must think Lulu is some booger-picking, finger sucking, dirty, smelly toddler.  Urg!

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