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Dada Vs. The Two Year Old

Dada: Take those dirty pinecones to your house (Lulu's designated play area) or I'm going to throw them in the trash.
Lulu:  (Makes several very loud screeching noises)
Dada:  Alright, I'm throwing them in the trash.
Lulu:  (Begins to cry)
Mama:  Lulu, take the pinecones to your house (and further explains to her why the dirty pinecones should not be scattered around the house.  Lulu takes the pinecones to her house).
Lulu:  Mama takes me upstairs (this is always Dada's job and she knows it)
Mama: No, Lulu.  I have to fix your toy while Dada gives you a bath.
Lulu:  Dada fixes my toy.  Mama gives me a bath.
Mama:  No, sorry Lulu, I have to fix the toy.
Lulu:  I don't like Dada.


(Uh-oh, I just heard Lulu from upstairs (while Dada is getting her ready for bed) yelling "I don't like Dada.  I like Mama.  I want Mama."  Another point for me!!!  :-))


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