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Swimming with The Spaz

Lulu earned her first ribbon today at swimming lessons - she was almost shaking she was so excited when she saw her teacher KK bring the ribbon out.  With flippers on, she can swim 6+ feet kicking (sometimes like a mermaid) and paddling (well, the way she paddles is the same way she "rolls it" when doing patty cake) on her own.  But I must say, she is a MONSTER at swimming lessons - I can hardly keep her in my arms and all she wants to do is swim around on her own underwater.  She is the ring-leader of naughtiness in our class too - I watch the other kids following some of her antics - like when she does a sit jump, she makes a roaring noise, then does a very exaggerated belly flop making a huge splash.  6 more months and she's on her own with the teacher in the pool - I can't wait!!!!!

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