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The No Napping Toddler Continues

I'm coming to the conclusion that Lulu's afternoon nap is coming to an end....She hasn't taken a nap since Monday.  This isn't good.  I'm hoping that this is related to an explosion of language - she's even beginning to speak clearly in Spanish....!  Urg!!!!  Please nap again Lulu!

Ok, so, at around 5:30pm, she fell asleep in front of the TV in her baby bjorn bouncy chair, woke up after about 25 minutes and had her first real hysterical tantrum that lasted about 15 minutes. How we knew it was a tantrum -- well, she was crazy hysterical, acting as if she was going to throw-up, then she completely peed in her pants (all the way down to her socks), then we put her in the bath and she was standing up screaming hysterically and stomping water everywhere and totally out of control.  It was almost as if she was sleep-walking she was so hysterical.

Our dear little 2.5 year old clearly needs a nap.  And I just don't have a ton of patience for her when she doesn't nap, so I probably add fuel to the fire.  She acts really annoying.  Urg.  Please let this phase pass soon.

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