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Oh Lulu!

Here's Lulu (and Dada, "the bad man") with her new double stroller (the Joovy Caboose) - Lulu has the option of standing or sitting on a little bench in the backseat.  We'll be taking it on a test run tomorrow morning!  She is REALLY excited about it.

Also, we got her napping again.  How???  Lulu has a pretty bad cold right now and is not acting like herself and so for the past 2 days, she's been very happy about getting in bed and sleeping.  I'm sorry Lulu but this cold couldn't have happened at a better time!!!  he he!

We also decorated our Christmas tree this evening.  Let's just say Lulu is a ton of fun to decorate a tree with.  She was in charge of the stars - she put up about 6 stars all clustered on about 2 branches.  She was having such fun and was so giddy and was speaking jibberish (which we think is her version of Spanish) the entire time.  It was hilarious.


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