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I've had the single worst day of my life today.  I can't even write/talk about this without tears flowing.  Our plan today was to take the Muni train downtown to go see Santa at the Westfield Mall downtown SF, then take the cable car to Fisherman's Wharf for bread bowls.  Yes, I'm a week from my due date and am HUGE, but I'm feeling great with a ton of energy.  So, Lulu met with Santa and was super cute and amazingly was very comfortable and smiley with him.  Then, she "had to go poop", so we went down to the bathrooms.  Here's where it gets ugly....

Kevin took Lulu into the bathroom, and she was being a real pest which sometimes Dada (like most Dada's) doesn't handle very well.  So, Lulu and Dada came out of the bathroom and Lulu was crying.  Lulu was having a very minor melt-down, nothing serious at all.  Just a typical, unreasonable, 2-year old thing.  So, I gave Dada a (passionate) little lecture about how to deal with a 2-year old and while I was lecturing, Kevin was like "Marina, be quiet, this man is staring at us".  I was like, "Who cares who stares at us?".  Well, this man (who was with his wife and daughter) was doing more than staring - he was about ready to jump into our, we walked away and were walking through the crowded mall and Kevin said, "OMG - that guy is following us".  And he was....and he stopped us and said, "I'm a child pshycologist and I'd like to report you to child protective services", and we said, "Get away from us, leave us alone" and he kept following us and we started running and he was running after us through this crowded mall.  I was carrying Lulu (with my HUGE BELLY) and Lulu was hysterical and I was in a total panic.  And he was totally chasing us, and we were both screaming at him "Leave us alone" while running through this crazy mall and we ran outside, hailed a taxi and last thing we saw, this physco child psychologist was watching our taxi drive away and he was on his cell phone probably calling child protective services.

I'm crying again, I'm still very shocked, traumatized and violated and I have a very very very low opinion of anybody in the field of child psychology.  I swear, it's people like this that are going to drive me out of San Francisco.  Ok, gotta go dry my tears again.

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