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Day 2 with Nes

Already we've snapped about 100 photos of sweet Lulu cuddling dear Nes.  She definitely follows in Meow-Meow's footsteps for being a "baby whisperer".

Last night, we sent Nes to the nursery for the 2nd night in a row....and 3 times within the night, they wheeled her back into our room, telling us she was "hungry".  So, after the third time, she cuddled up with me in bed and slept peacefully for 4 hours straight.  She loves to cuddle!

We're doing great over here - other than a really long labor, everything else has run very very smoothly!  The second time around is definitely so much easier!  I already feel 75% recovered (but the "pushing" stage of labor is still haunting me!!!!).  Bring on the sleep deprivation!!!!

Here are more photos from our stay at CPMC!

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