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Our Very Own Forest Gump

Where shall I begin...

We learned the day Nessie was born that she had a mild case of hip dysplasia in her right hip - her right hip didn't correctly develop and wasn't completely secure and would slip in the socket. This condition is mostly commonly seen in; breeched babies (not Nessie) or babies with a family history of hip dysplasia (not Nessie) or if they were in a strange position or really squooshed in utero (definitely Nessie), and is most common in girls. We didn't really worry about it when the Dr. mentioned it (really, I didn't do a single google search!) - the most important thing was that we discovered it early. The condition would either correct itself or Nessie would have to wear a brace. We scheduled an ultrasound to check on it - the ultrasound was yesterday....

I'm glad I didn't do any research on this because I would have really been dreading the arrival of this day....

We went for the ultrasound - once the Dr. started working away, I was feeling really nervous about what else she would notice. The news wasn't too bad but instead of just the right hip, the hip dysplasia was seen in both hips. 20 minutes later, our pediatrician called and scheduled us an appointment an hour later to see Dr. Kallandar, the orthopedist. Oh man, I should have been more mentally prepared for this one...

Dr. Kallandar fit little Nessie into this fancy brace, the Rhino Kicker Harness.  Oh god, she's supposed to wear it all day and all night for 6 weeks.  My head was spinning!!!!  And Nessie was MAD!  The brace keeps the legs in a froggy position.  She can't stretch her legs or really move them too much.  How was I going to deal with this one.....I was beginning to feel a little sleep deprived (although Nessie was starting to sleep up to 5 1/2 hour stretches) and totally overwhelmed (well, let me take a step back...I woke up feeling overwhelmed because Lulu has a cold and I'm freaked she's going to spread it to Nessie - least of my worries now!!!!!).

It's been 24 hours since all this went down and I'm already feeling good about everything.  We can change her diaper without taking off the brace.  She wears a long-sleeved onesie on the bottom, then the brace, then on the outside, we wrap her in a kiddopotomus sleep sack.  She went all around town today and slept perfectly happily (not exactly the case last night though, it seems we're back to 3 hour sleep stretches).  I know she is not comfortable in this brace and really hates it.  She now cries more and getting mad much faster, like really mad - red face and all.  I'm feeling pretty confident though that she will adapt to her new life as Forest Gump.  She had a nice smiling session this afternoon, so I know we'll all survive the next 6 (possibly more) weeks.
Hello, I'm Forest Gump!!!

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