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Words from Lulu's Mouth

She's crazy!  But I'm loving every second of her craziness!!!!

She asked Dada at bedtime, "Where's Mama?" and before he could answer, she said, "Did she die?"

Then, she was wearing a hat this morning which was high up on a shelf and Dada asked her how she got the hat and she answered, "It bounced down into my hands".

And last night, Dada checked on her in her bath and she had all her animals lined up on the wall and she said, "I'm making tea for my kids".

And I still walk in on her while she's putting her make-up on which she wears because she's "ugly".  Oh god!

And, she now pronounces Mama the spanish way -- with the accent on the the 2nd 'a'.

In other news (and I write this mostly because I'd like to remember the next time around how miserable breastfeeding is in the beginning), I'm finally recovered from flu-like symptoms caused by a very clogged milk duct.  Hell!  I remember once seeing an Oprah show and there was a woman on it who said her biggest accomplishment was breastfeeding all of her 4 kids.....Uh, ok, I naively thought at the time.  Yes, these days I'd say, WOW, that is a REAL accomplishment!!!!!

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