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Nessie's Hips

Oh my goodness - things are going from crazy, to super crazy these days. We met with Nessie's new pediatric orthopedist at UCSF, Dr. Diab (who is absolutely super cool and wonderful), and he confirmed the news that I'd been dreading -- we're going to have to fix Nessie's hip problem with a cast...that she'll need to wear for 3 months...which means, brace yourself, no baths for 3 months.   This poor little thing is going to STINK!  They'll be putting the cast on on Tuesday, March 17 (St. Patty's Day - does that mean it's going to have to be green?). Here's some more info about everything.  I'm fine, really!  My motherly intuition had a feeling this was coming.  But when the Dr. actually says the words, no matter how prepared I thought I was, the tears still flowed.  I love you, little Nessie!

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