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Good Luck Nessie!!!!!

Good Luck Nessie!
Nessie's surgery takes place tomorrow at noon.  I don't know exactly what will be happening but here are some of the things that I do know.  She'll be under anesthesia.  It'll take around 2 hours.  The goal is to get the femur (the thigh bone) fitting nicely into the socket (which it is not doing right now).  If they can get it in a good snug position, they can put the cast on.  If they can't fit the femur into the socket (for many different reasons), then the cast will not work.  We'll find out on Wednesday if they were able to position the hips correctly.  If not, then the cast won't work, we'll take a break and she'll have a more serious surgery at 6 months.

I just have to write a few bragging words about my little Nessie!  Since the day I learned I was preggers with Lil' Nessie, I kind of felt just a little sorry for her, since she had to follow in the footsteps of Lulu (who was an angelic infant).  I was warned by just about everybody that she was not going to have the same easy-going temperment Lulu had.  Well, Nessie has proved everybody wrong!!!!!  She is truly the sweetest baby around and I'm so madly in love with her.  She sleeps over 8 hours at night and wakes up in the morning with huge smiles.  She chills (and sleeps soundly), sucking on her pacifier, in her stroller while we're going around town.  She LOVES to talk and will look us straight in the eyes and have long conversations with us, making the world's cutest squeaks - I melt!!!  She cries...mostly for attention - once somebody comes to hang out with her, she is happy.  She loves looking around and especially LOVES watching Lulu being Lulu.  And she smiles like crazy!!!!  I love it.  She is the most interactive and communicative baby I've ever met.  Way down the line, a 2.5-month old Nessie in a full-body cast will make a very good story, especially on her wedding day!!!  :-)

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