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Barely Hanging On...

A quick update on life with a 2 year old and a 2 month old in a full body cast....
this is really really difficult.  nessie is hanging in there and at times, the real nessie comes out but she is really mad and extremely uncomfortable.  they cut her tendons in the surgery and she had all these breathing tubes down her throat, so we believe she is still feeling bad from that.  it's like i have a newborn with colic.  the evening hours are the worst.  i'm tired, nessie's tired and i'm really ready to give up at that point and send her away to summer camp for babies in casts.  breastfeeding is no fun, it's like nursing a brick wall.  and the's already filled with poop and pee.  really.  i once was nursing her and the pee started coming out the top of the cast, onto me.  and this morning, she had a huge blow-out and it came up the back of the cast.  oh boy.  i feel like i can't win right now.  and, i'm the kind of person who likes to do everything myself but for this, i am calling in the troops!!!!  we did take a walk yesterday and went to starbucks (on this walk, lulu fell on her head and now has a big bump.  then, when we got home, lulu went upstairs by herself, was standing on a rocking chair and pulled down a shelf.  i was downstairs, heard the terrible rumble and almost had a heart attack.)  i don't know how much more i can take of this.


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