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The Nessie

Nessie's true colors are already showing at just 3 months.  She knows what she wants and stops at nothing to get it (sound familiar, Auntie Doddles? :-)).  Here she is on her contoured changing table/dining room table.  This afternoon, we were playing with a rattle and although she can't grab toys yet, she sure was trying.  I mean, really trying hard to get the rattle.  Her eyes were bugging out, she was making a very juicy bubble beard, she was smiling, her arms were flapping everywhere and she was desperately trying to move her upper body and head.  Then, I left her for a few moments and found her in this uncomfortable position.  It's hard to tell from the photo but she's somehow moved her head off the contoured pad and was totally tipping over.  Oh Nessie!

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