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Lulu Tales

I'm posting from my new, giant screened Mac (a b-day present, thank you Dada!).  I'll post a few crazy tales about Lulu.

Here are a few funny Lulu stories --
- Allie came over for a playdate, and while they were playing, Lulu put on some of her favorite accessories - a hat and a big, beaded, green, shiny shamrock necklace.  I think she puts this stuff on because she thinks she looks like a princess....and sure enough, Allie immediately commented on her outfit by saying, "Lulu, you look like a princess!".  Do these little girls think about princessess all day long or what?
- My next-door-neighbor from growing up Courtney and her mom Fran came over the other day and Lulu told Fran a story about her Dada.  She told her that Dada went to New York (this was about 1 month ago).  And then Lulu was clearly really trying to concentrate and dig up a good story about what Dada did in New York....she then spit out, "He was having meetings with smelly, old men".  Opps, a direct quote from Mama! 
- Lulu is getting so fluent in Spanish giberish - here is what she named her 5 live catepilliars (from a butterfly kit we have) - Lassina, Salopesa, Natacina, Nahamijo and Mahi.  Also, when Tera asked her what "Baby" was in Spanish, Lulu told her, "Pequeno" or "Bebe".
- Lulu starts many of her sentences off with this, "When I'm a lady, I 'm going to.....".  She also makes comments like "How blank is/are your blank.  For example, "How cute are your shoes, Mama".  She is so girly!


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