September 29th, 2006

Little Tomato

Lulu & Ompa

Hilarious - here is a photo of Lulu with Ompa (aka Grandpa Phil, who is taking German lessons right now and discovered that the word for Grandpa in German is Ompa, which we all decided is the PERFECT name for him!). She looks happy...right? Well, the last time Lulu and Ompa spend some bonding time together, she ended up hysterically screaming crying...the cry she only saves up for when she gets her shots or when mommy accidentally hits her head on the table or when she's just really really mad! We figured she's preparing us for the 6-month-phase when it's quite typical for babies to get very frightened of strangers (that is, anyone but mommy!). Wow, we can't wait!

I really do love you Ompa.

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