October 28th, 2007

Little Tomato

Barfing on Lizz

Hi Lulu!
Guess what you did Thursday night while Lizz (a senior nursing student at USF) was over at our place to babysit you while I took Dada out for a bithday dinner?  Well, before Lizz arrived, I fed you a nice dinner of lots of salmon and some other things.  You sure ate a lot!  When Lizz arrived a little while later, I gave you your bottle in hopes you'd go to bed shortly after.  Well, she was rocking you in your room and all of a sudden, you barfed all over her lap.  Then, she rushed you to the bathroom and you barfed a lot in the toilet.  I guess a big dinner of salmon and a big bottle don't mix!!!!!!  Your nighties, our bathroom and Lizz sure stunk when we got home!  Thank goodness Lizz, being a nursing student, was used to gross things like that and wasn't too mad at you!  If you barfed on me Lulu, I'm sure I would have barfed back on you!
Luv Mama!
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