November 7th, 2007

Little Tomato

Off to Sea

Ahhh, I have so many great photos from our raging 3-day party cruise to Mexico for Poppy's 70th Birthday...I'll begin with this photo.  Lulu, in perfect spirits the entire trip, started the cruise with major boogers and ended it with even more boogers and a double ear infection. Lot's of slideshows to follow!
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Little Tomato

Wow, Barf!!!!!!!!!

Here's the email Kevin sent to his team on Monday morning....


On the way to the airport this AM, Lulu projectile-vomited on my lap, herself, her mom and her grandmas car. Luckily my in-laws live near the airport, so we took a little detour to clean ourselves up.

All is well now :-)

We're on a flight around 11:30am now. Should be in by 1:30pm.


This incident happened on the way from the cruise ship to the airport. It was GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! (but Lulu is fine!)
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