June 22nd, 2008

Little Tomato

Moms, Don't Leave Home Without It!!!!!

We spent Saturday and Sunday up in Tahoe with lots of friends and babies.  Saturday night, Lulu came down with a high fever.  I didn't bring any tylenol, something I usually don't leave the house without.  Lately, Lulu has been digging the tylenol bottles out of my purses and sucking on the bottles.  When I see her do this, I take the bottle away and hide it -- so all my usual go-to bottles were gone.  I was pretty freaked out when she was extremely hot, dreamly very vividly, hallucinating and talking in her sleep like a crazy girl!  Here are some of our conversations throughout the night, while lying next to her, until we both fell asleep at around 5:30am.

Lulu (asleep):  Mommy, Mommy, dirty, dirty.
Me (wishing I were asleep):  Oh ok Lulu.

Lulu: Mommy, Mommy, Babar poo-poo'ed, pick up Babar poo poo, Babar pee-pee'ed
Me: Ok Lulu, I just picked up Babar's poo poo

Lulu:  Sallie poo-poo'ed
Me:  Yes, you're right, Sallie poo-poo'ed

Lulu:  Cheeeeeese...Cheeeeeeese...Cheeeeeeese

Lulu:  Dada, one shoe on, put one shoe on, running, running, running
Me:  Yes Lulu, Dada is going running.  He put his shoes on.

Lulu:  Monster Trucks, Monster Trucks.
Me: Yeh, there are lots of monster trucks.

Lulu:  Airplane, Airplane (pointing to the ceiling)
Me:  Yeh, I think Meow-Meow's on that airplane.

Lulu:  Dicka, Ricka, Dicka, Ricka  (her favorite stories - see here)
Me:  proceed to tell her yet another Flicka, Ricka, Dicka story

Here is the first sign that Lulu is not feeling well.  She was turning green on a boat ride.

Tahoe Crew from left:  Charlie & Will, Stacey & Owen, JJ, Alyson, Grant, Sarah & Sallie, Marina & Lulu, Kevin, Payton
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