July 3rd, 2008

Little Tomato


We took Lulu to Disneyland on Monday...She had a GREAT time!!!! She wore us out, lasting a whooping 12 hours (10am-10pm, with an hour nap in our rental stroller). Her favorite ride was definitely "Dumbo". If you ask her what kind of animal Dumbo is, she'll tell you that he's an "airplane". She was not a fan of Pirates of the Carribean or the Haunted Mansion (but a lollipop made her happy during the scary pitch-black elevator ride in the beginning). Ask her if she wants to go on "Yo-Ho-Yo-Ho" again, and she'll tell you "NO". She rode every ride in Fantasy Land, including Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. When we were at the end of the ride where Mr. Toad is in hell, Kevin very enthusiastically told Lulu, "Now Lulu, we're in hell"!. She was really excited to see Mickey and the rest of the gang! And amazingly, she was very proud to wear her Mickey Mouse ears. We have a million photos that will be posted to Costco in the near future...I hope!!! :-)

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