July 7th, 2008

Little Tomato

Lady Vs. Big Kid

Lulu has begun putting people into categories - some of us are "Ladies" and some are "Big Kids".  Basically, being considered a "Lady" is not good, and being considered a "Big Kid" is good.  A "Lady" is like the boss.  A "Big Kid" is like a fun friend.  She started this with her and I -- you can imagine what she considers me.....Mama is a "Lady" and Lulu is a "Big Kid".  Then, I asked her what Dada was and she said that he is a "Big Kid".  When she is mad at me (like if I forget and don't let her climb by herself into her carseat), she furiously points to my face and says "LADY".  And just yesterday, I wouldn't let her have a string cheese right after she chowed down at breakfast and she cried and cried in Meow-Meow's arms and screamed "LADY".  

So, right now, here's who she has put in each category.....

The evil "Ladies" are:
Mama, Tet-Tet (Mama's sister), Ompa and Sarah (Dada's sister)

The cool "Big Kids" are:
Lulu, Dada, Meow-Meow and Natalie (Meow-Meow's friend)

I'll update this list as it grows....!!!!
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