October 13th, 2008

Little Tomato

How Could I Resist?

Tonight, Lulu was following Dada and I to the bathroom for her evening bath and I looked back and she was stopped at our kitchen island with her hand in the halloween candy (it was lying out because pregnant Mama needed her chocolate fix for the night).  She was not grabbing it in an aggressive way , she was just showing me that she saw it and wanted it.  Then, in a sweet little voice, she said, "Trick-or-Treat".   How could I resist that?  I let her take a bag of M&M's to her house refrigerator to eat tomorrow.

By the way, we just threatened to take that bag of M&M's away if she didn't get out of the bathtub (...she likes "to take a nap" in the bathtub with the lights out when the water is let out)...and it worked!!!
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