October 22nd, 2008

Little Tomato

Little Miss Sous Chef

Lately, Lulu has become my shadow in the kitchen.   She will stop anything, including smearing real make-up/flavored chapstick all over her face, to do cooking with me.  In the afternoon, she almost always asks me "What is Lulu eating tonight" (just like Dada).  And after picking up a head of garlic today at the corner store, she said that peeling paper from garlic is her favorite thing to do.    And when I was preparing the romaine hearts for our salad tonight, she told me she "wants a salad spinner for Christmas".  Ok Lulu!!!!   I just told her to put some garlic paper that she peeled off into the green can and she did.  And now, she's telling me she's "ready to do a salad spinner".
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