November 28th, 2008

Little Tomato

Back to Being a Baby

So, we've come to a conclusion - Lulu refuses to nap in her bed - so, yesterday evening, Kevin took her and Babar on a walk around 5:30pm and immediately, she fell asleep in her stroller and slept an hour there.  I am so so full of baby #2 right now and this is really stressing me out (because I don't have my usual energy) and I now have a fever blister on my lip.  Lulu was so concerned about my lip, she said in a very thoughtful voice, "Tell me about it, Mama".

Other scary things that have come from her mouth...
1)  Today, Kevin was making "Thanksgiving Leftover Hash Patties" and Lulu said, "That looks like Dog Food".
2)  And on Wednesday, we were waiting for the elevator to go up for a Dr. appt' and an overweight lady cut in front of her to get into the elevator when it arrived and Lulu said, "Move your big butt" - (Thankfully, Lulu still kind of mumbles, so I don't think the woman heard her).
3)  And yesterday afternoon, I sent her upstairs to get ready for a nap and when I walked up, she was lying on our bed, had changed from her underwear into a diaper, had put her underwear into the laundry, and was looking at our photo album from our honeymoon.  I was so proud of her and then, she pointed to a little spot on Dada's side of the bed and said, "What's that?" and I felt it and she had taken a pee on Dada's side of the bed.  LITTLE DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has the perfectly behaved infant turned into the devil or what?!?!!?!?! 
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