December 12th, 2008

Little Tomato

2 Weeks to Go

HA - I'm such a stereotypical pregnant lady.  I just had to write about my day so far --

4:45am - woke up with a growling stomach (even though I had an ice cream + waffle cone for dessert last night) and laid wide-awake in bed
6:00am - stomach still growling and really thinking how great it would be to have blueberry muffins
6:30am - get out of bed and start making extra-large (in popover muffin tins) blueberry muffins
7:00am - eat 2 muffins and make Kevin breakfast in bed
9:00am - start feeling really delirious and exhausted but unfortunately Lulu and Babar are looking to me for a good time, so I entertain them
11:00am - go to Home Depot for supplies for one last "home nesting project" before the baby comes in 2 weeks
12:30pm - stop at Burger King for some lunch with Lulu (this was her first ever trip to Burger King).  I also talked up Burger King as if it were the best restaurant on earth to Lulu the entire time we were in Home Depot.  Devoured 8 chicken tenders and a large fries.
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Little Tomato


Here is some of Lulu's 2.5 year old lingo --
1)  Ohhhh, I see.
2)  Oh me, oh my!!!!!  (meaning:  oh wow!)
3)  Hum-dee-dum (meaning: hmm, I'm not sure)
4)  Oh MY gosh!!!!  (said just like Shirley Temple)
5)  Arghy, Arghy, Arghy (meaning:  hmm, this is a bit more difficult than I thought)
6)  Salud (used after a sneeze instead of "Bless You")
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