February 8th, 2009

Little Tomato

Lulu, Oh Lulu!

Lulu is....crazy!   So, whenever Lulu has to go poop, she complains that "Ines (the baby in her stomach - yes, Lulu is still pregnant) is bugging her". Tonight, she called from her bedroom upstairs and said she had to go poop.  She gets on her potty, poops, I dress her back in her pull-up and nightie, send her off to bed and about 5 seconds later, I hear her say, "Ouch Ines, OWWW Ines".  So, we put her on the potty, she poops again, I get her dressed and send her off to bed.  About 5 seconds later, I hear her say, "Not you again, Ines".  I was so annoyed but repeated the routine for the third time.  Then, I left her in bed, started writing this story on the computer and I hear her moving her potty around.  I went upstairs and found her on the potty, for the fourth time, saying, "Ines was really kicking me".  This time, she only made a very small pee.  GRRRRR, Lulu!!!!

Lulu is also pretty amused by boobs.  I was sure she would start breastfeeding her doll Amy when I fed Nessie but she doesn't.  I asked her why and she says that she "doesn't have big boobs".  And when she sees boobs, not just mine and ones covered by clothing, she says (in the Lulu-est way possible), "Look at those boobs!!!".  It is really funny!
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