March 21st, 2009

Little Tomato

Conversation with Lulu

Just overheard...

Dada is helping Lulu put on a pair of tights and he puts them on the wrong way.

Dada: "Oops, wrong leg, Dada is pretty silly sometimes."

Lulu (grinning): "Oh no, Dada puts my tights on wrong sometimes because he's a dumbass...Dada is such a dumbass sometimes."

Dada (trying not to laugh): "Uh, Lulu, you know that's a bad word and you can't say that.  People will get really mad if you say that to them.  I'm not mad, but you cannot say that.  If you hear Momma or Dada say that word, tell us we're being bad."

Lulu: "You know 'jackass'?  That's another bad word I'm not supposed to say."
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