April 16th, 2009

Little Tomato

Where to Begin...

Oh my goodness - there is way too much going on in our household these days...I'm just going to write this and post this, I don't care how poorly written it is. I just have to write about the chaos....!

So, on this coming Sunday (3 days from now), Kev is off to NYC to start his new "dream" job!  He was done with his old job last week, so this week was going to be spent relaxing, cooking, hanging out -- HA HA, right!!!!!  He started out the week doing taxes.  Not fun, especially when you owe a lot of $$.  Then, on tax day, Lulu gets sick with croup, followed by the rest of us getting sick.  Not fun.  Then, today, we wake up to an eaten pile of dog poop on our living room rug.  Oh god, oh god.  So, brace yourself, Kev and Lulu walk Babar and they get home, and Babar drinks a ton of water, lies down on his bed and barfs up a river of liquid dog poop vomit - it was the most intensely disgusting smell I've ever smelled and immediately stunk up the entire house.  We almost died, it was that gross.  It makes Nessie's smelly poopy cast smell like roses.  So, in between cursing at Babar and vomiting in our mouth, I scramble out of the house, Kevin puts on a surgical mask and starts to work on mopping up the liquid poop vomit.  I mean, it was the smelliest I've ever smelled and I've been to some pretty smelly places.  He mops and cleans it up a million different ways and of course, it still stinks because our old 1800's hardwood floors have big cracks in them.  So, then he whipped out a toothbrush and was brushing the liquid poop out of the cracks.  And when he was finished with that, Babar barfed a second time on our living room rug.  Little clean up was involved in this one, Kev rolled up the rug and took it to the trash.  I still smell the stink, so every half hour, I pour water/vinegar in the cracks.  You know it's bad when Kevin says that he can't wait to start working again!  :-)  I didn't take it personally!!!!  :-) 

So, Nessie has a surgery on April 27th to remove the cast, then either put it back on if necessary or put her in a brace.  Of course, I'm mentally prepared for the cast for another 6 weeks.  I'm in survival mode right now.  So, basically, our NYC moving plans are on hold until I know what happens with Nessie.  She cannot travel on an airplane in this cast (she's as wide and she is tall in this thing), so if she's in her cast until June, we'll probably be moving in July.  If she's out of her cast on the 27th, then we'll be moving sooner....however I have planned Lulu's birthday party in SF for May 31st, so save the date...!  Kevin will basically be commuting from NYC to SF on the weekends.  Which means, I'll be alone with the kids for many many weeks.....more specifically, alone with an infant in a cast, a wild 2 year old and the world's most high maintence dog.  Sweet!  I will have help from my niehgbors nanny, Patty, from 2-6pm everyday.  Which is nice, but I'm still breastfeeding so I'm really tied to where Nessie is, which is home (she is excellent with the bottle though)!  To continue my bad luck spree, my mom (Meow-Meow) is out of commision due to a torn shoulder muscle which will require surgery.  She can't hold any babies for 4 months.  URG!  Do I sound like I'm freaking out?  I'm kinda but not really.  I think I'll be ok.  I'm so living in the moment right now - I'm just happy when I complete the day with happy kids.  My friends will be helping me and my lil' girls are quite well-behaved, usually!  But, I'm not good with distance between Kev and I, so I'm sure I'll be needing therapy by the end of this 2 months.  Oh god, I'm really dreading the next few months.

Anyway, something funny I just remembered about Lulu - she is a very precocious little girl.  We've been going out to dinner a lot and she stays with a babysitter and every morning when she wakes up, she comes into our room and asks, "How was your dinner last night?"  "What did you eat?".  Lulu is really good at having conversations with adults.  She doesn't just answer yes and no.  She tells stories and asks them questions too - it's hilarious.
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