August 13th, 2009

Little Tomato

Lulu at the Carnival

Yesterday, Lulu, Nessie, Tet-Tet and I went to the Carnival in Central Park.  Lulu had the best time.  She is one brave little girl.  Firstly, we went on the flying swings.  The entire time, she was saying, "This is my favorite!".  She also went on the kids rollarcoaster.  Poor Tet-Tet and I had to squeeze our butts on these little rides!!!  Then, there was this giant slide that you slide down on potato sacks....of course Lulu had to go down.  She had no fear.  She climbed up the stairs with Tet-Tet (to what seemed like the top of the world) and slid right on down.  And the cutest was when she was done, she stood up with the biggest, proudest smile on her face and had her arms out, beaming about how much fun that much fun that Mama had to take a second ride down with her.

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