November 10th, 2009

Little Tomato

The Wild Child

Yes, I'm talking about Nessie.  She is wild.  Like, 2 matching bumps on her forehead wild.  She screams and whines to complain.  She is constantly making noise and expressing "her opinion".  When she doesn't like a food I feed her, she gags and then throws it up.  She pushes you away when she doesn't want something.  She screams when you put her in her stroller (but then is perfectly happy once she's outside in the action filled streets).  She loves to watch TV.  She also doesn't like to sleep at night -- she'll wake up, immediately sit up in her crib, nurse and then be awake for a long long time.  So last night, to the delight of our building, I let her "scream it out" (literally) for 1 hour (literally) until she fell asleep.  It was great.

She sure is cute though!!!!!  :-)
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