January 16th, 2010

Little Tomato


Nessie is just so cute and funny - all day long, she says "Me Me Me", which means exactly what you think it means.  During the feeding hours, it's always a chorus of "me me me" and if Lulu gets fed first, Nessie's "me me me's" get louder and more frusterated.  She also nods her head yes when she wants things.  It's darling.  Her behavior has improved 1000% since she's started talking.  My job is getting so much easier - the girls go off and play together, it's great.  They'll be playing in their room and in "Lulu's house", just entertaining themselves.  Nessie is getting closer to walking, she controls and pushes the Radio Flyer wagon by herself and is getting more and more steady on her feet.  I think she'll be on the Lulu schedule and walk around 14 months.  When she wants to walk (or be held), she crawls up your legs to a standing position, then grabs your hands.  It's very Nessie - the girl knows what she wants!!!!!

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