January 18th, 2010

Little Tomato

Language Explosion

Since yesterday, Nessie has not stopped talking.  She talks all day long.  She has had some major verbal developements going on.  She has these long conversations with herself, looks at things and makes comments - this baby is going to talk my ear off for the rest of my life, oh goodness!  She also totally answers questions -- She was eyeing Lulu's art center and I asked her if she "wanted to go to Lulu's art center" and she nodded "yes".  She is just delicious these days.

The photo below is hilarious because the other night, she completely bonded with Chad, the guy she was absolutely terrified of about 6 months ago.  She was flirting with him and teasing him this time, it was true love!!!!  Here they are browsing through the Harvard yearbook together.
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