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Little Miss Lucia
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Thursday, January 21st, 2010

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Mama Wannabe
Just returned home from a very fancy Bloomberg (Mayor Bloomberg even made an appearance!) party at the New York Public Library and Teddy filled me in on a hilarious story about Lulu after we left.  I was dressed in a black dress, stockings and very high heels (Lulu told me I looked like a "cutie pie" when I left) -- Lulu was obviously very impressed by my outfit.  As soon as I left, Lulu dressed herself in her fancy twirly black dress, a pari of tights and got another pair of high heels from my closet and put them on.  Then, she said she wanted to go outside.  So, they went downstairs to buy a drink at Duanne Reede and Lulu wore her outift, heels and all (They walked very slowly and Teddy held her hand the entire time).  She refused to wear a jacket so everybody could see her outfit.  I think I've got a major girly girl on my hands!!!!!

Current Mood: amused

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