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Little Miss Lucia
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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

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The Last 2 Weeks
Wow, I haven't taken a single photo in the last two weeks -- that just shows how un-exciting our life has been....! And I admit, it's been dull but we have some good excuses. I'm 12 weeks into my 3rd pregnancy - I'm just starting to feel normal again after almost 2 months of some ugly morning sickness (I predict girl again...). And of course, the day I start feeling better, Lulu comes down with the flu...or something really scary like it (going to the Dr. today). It has not been a pretty household these days!

Anyway, Nessie Dear (almost 15 months) is still not walking. This little girl is a chicken (we are 2 for 2, so far!). She is an amazing cruiser but will not take her hands off the furniture, even though she has perfect balance when you stand her up. It is truly hilarious. And sorry Nessie, but your bad hips are no excuse since I see you walk holding on to just a shirt sleeve! I'm making bets that her little cousin Eli (6 months younger) is going to beat her to it!

Feel better Lulu. I called Dr. Meowsy in a panic last night - she can't even keep down Tylenol or Motrin, she'll barf it right up. And the fever, ughhhs. Lulu always gets hit with the worst illnesses!

Current Mood: calm

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